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August 2010

How Much Should I Offer on a Wholesale Real Estate Deal?

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This time, we are going to talk about wholesale deals . Wholesale deals are where people first cut their teeth in this business. They are the simplest deals . Basically, you find a deal and get some comps on the property . You will find out what other houses are being sold in similar locality. [...]

Buy A Pre Foreclosure

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A home in pre foreclosure or foreclosure presents an excellent opportunity , you will definately want to look at foreclosed property. National Association of Realtors said that there will be more than one million  over the next 2 years foreclosed properties . Consider before buying a property in the foreclosure market, be sure to do [...]

What to do when making a counter offer on a for sale by owner home

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When doing a for sale by owner sale, you need to be familiar with offers and counter offers. An offer is when a buyer gives you the amount of what they are willing to pay for your home. A counter offer is a reply that modifies the terms of the original offer. Sometimes a for [...]

Real Estate Investing – Basic Principles

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Real estate investment principles should never be forgotten whether you are new to the investing game or a proffessional. You can grow your property folio by applying various strategies . These include investing in rental apartments, single family homes, industrial property, retail real estate, office space, hospitality or oversea properties . Within the property types [...]

Non-Recourse Private Rehab Hard Money Funding

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Residential and commercial hard money lenders want to reduce risk.  One way for an investor to do that is to create an LLC or Corporation to do the real estate transaction .  This is still an advantage for a borrower who relies upon a private hard money lender due to a low credit rating . [...]

How Much Time Does It Take After Foreclosure Until Eviction?

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In many cases, houseowners, for one reason or another, are unable to save their property or find a settlement that will stop foreclosure. It seems many homeowners just wait until the last minute, trusting against hope for a mortgage broker who will help with a new foreclosure loan, only to be left hanging at the end with nothing besides a rejection. In such cases, lenders may be reluctant to put off a sheriff sale, and the [...]

How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

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Getting the right start in considering property investment begins with the right help within the industry. People who know how the market is fairing, what properties are available and what the range of property value is or should be. The people that we are refering to are real estate agents. While you may think one [...]

Legal Process for Foreclosed Property

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My attention is not to simplify the process for foreclosures ,  but I have brokenthe home foreclosure process down into 4 basic steps. When property investors have an understanding of the foreclosure process, it can only assist them  when they are ready to purchase homes at the best imaginable price. 1. Pre foreclosure- This can [...]

Tips on Buying Real Estate in Today’s Economy

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though the economy is in a gloomy) state and the residential real estate market is in (turmoil , opportunities are available as well. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low and the large number of foreclosures creates a lot of opportunities to buy a home or business enterprise at an exceptionally good price. Every where one [...]

Facing an Evictions Notice After Losing a Property to Foreclosure

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  The majority of homeowners facing foreclosure do not want to move out of their homes, even after a foreclosure lawsuit, judgment, and sheriff sale. Despite having six months to a year to live mortgage free, several borrowers are just not financially able to move when required by the courts and by the new purchaser after the auction. In such cases, the lender, which usually [...]

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